Bistel Construction is a wholly Western Australian owned and operated construction company that specialises in Design, Construction, Construction Management, Project Management and Engineering services across Australia and Internationally.

Bistel Construction is well on its way to being recognised as an industry leader in Western Australia, due in part to our 32 years of national and international construction experience held by its founding Directors, and in part to the dedication to excellence, safety and environmental responsibility shown by Bistel’s employees.

No matter the location, scale or complexity of your project, Bistel Construction can and will deliver. We understand that the success of a project depends on transparent communication and correct timely management. Our commitment to excellence and our Clients ensure that each project is delivered safely, within the time and budgetary parameters of the project.

At Bistel Construction, we have built a strong network of industry partners and sub-contractors over the years, whose reputations for safety, quality and reliability rival our own. Every project we manage is designed to secure the optimum outcome for our Clients and indeed all stakeholders.


Bistel Construction is dedicated to delivering excellence in everything we do.

By providing quality, professional management, we strive for constant improvement in in our processes and procedures. Not only does this assure us of a competitive advantage, it maintains our focus on delivering full value to each and every client and stakeholder. We make sure that we are responsible, and accountable for the delivery of each aspect of a project.

Technology, business, and the needs of our clients are all rapidly evolving. Bistel Construction is dedicated to remaining at the cutting edge of construction and project management techniques to ensure our clients benefit from every new advance. We encourage our employees and subcontractors to continually consider and find new innovative techniques and processes in order for our Clients to benefit in the most effective ways.

At Bistel Construction we work towards truly sustainable construction, and reducing negative environmental impact with every aspect of a project. Not only do we strive to mitigate risks and utilise advances in energy efficient construction, but we aim to exceed industry standards in order to deliver better than expected environmental outcomes.

We believe that the best way to build and maintain long term professional business relationships are to have open and transparent communication between all those involved in a project. Transparency encourages an honest working environment between Bistel, our clients, employees and subcontractors, with clear understanding of business goals, results and outcomes.

The health and safety of our Clients, employees, sub-contractors and third parties is our foremost priority.

By making health and safety our first priority we seek to improve safety standards across the construction industry and strive to achieve the ultimate outcome of ZERO HARM on all of our projects and office locations.


Our ever-increasing competencies, and diverse and extensive global experience enable us to offer our services across a broad spectrum of sectors. Hence, today we are proud to say that we have been providing quality assistance to diverse range industries and plan to continue to do so in the near future. It is one of our main objectives to deliver valuable support that can lead to the progress and improvement of various local communities, and Western Australia as a whole.


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