Midland/Guildford Cricket Club

Bistel Construction was engaged by the City of Swan for the Alterations and Additions to the Midland/Guildford Cricket Club project located in Caversham, Western Australia.

Bistel Construction was engaged to undertake the construction and redevelopment of the existing Midland / Guildford Cricket Club (Lilac Hill) whilst having to remain operational.

The project was designed by the City of Swan appointed Architect, Allan Davies & Trevor Chudleigh Architect and managed by the City of Swan.

The project comprised of a complete internal strip out of the main function centre and the demolition of the adjoining kitchen, bar and changerooms adjacent to the existing hall. The scope required the maintenance of the existing roof and insulation of the function hall. The construction element of the project comprised of the construction of the new unisex change rooms, umpires room and changeroom, first aid room and refurbishment of the existing function centre.

The main function centre was refurbished with new acoustic raking plasterboard ceiling, carpet & vinyl flooring, refurbishment of the existing timber dance floor, new electrical and air conditioning systems and complete painting of all surfaces (including the refurbishment of the historical bar top).

The external area comprised of new perimeter brick paving, reticulated landscape turf, exposed concrete disabled ramp and limestone retaining walls. A new roof was installed to the new unisex changeroom area.

The internal of the refurbished and new building zones were serviced with a fire detection, fully mechanical air conditioning via ceiling space ductwork, exhaust to the changerooms and toilets, associated plumbing, security, CCTV and electrical systems.

The Midland / Guildford Cricket Club successfully reached practical completion on the 8 November 2019, on schedule and within the City of Swan’s allocated budget.